Le Mans eSport Series superfinal live broadcast
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SMP Racing to take part in the Le Mans Esport Series Super Final
SMP Racing, development program of motorsport in Russia, has entered into a partnership of the Le Mans Esport Series Super Final and participates in this international Esports competition, which will take place on 14-15 June in Le Mans, France.

The Le Mans Esport Series Super Final will be a part of the race week, dedicated to the 24 Hours of Le Mans race. The competition is the culmination of ten months of intense competition in Europe, Asia and the Americas, between 20,000 competitors. The virtual race will last 24 hours, same as the real Le Mans marathon.
The Le Mans Esport Series Super Final consists of nine races, run on the Forza Motorsport 7 platform, in which the first eight races will set the grid and the intervals for the showpiece 90-minute final race. The start of the race will follow established Le Mans tradition: participants will run to their simulators to take the race start. The prize fund for winners of the LMES Super Final is $ 100,000.

SMP Racing Esport team will compete with 11 other teams from different countries of the world. Three Russian Esports drivers successfully passed the qualifying round in Russia and will represent the SMP Racing team.

The Le Mans Esport Series Super Final starts on Thursday, June 14th, and finishes the next day. The entire tournament will be screened live on Motorsport.tv.
Boris Rotenberg, founder and leader of SMP Racing
"We are pleased to announce our participation in the Le Mans Esport Series Super Final, which will take place in Le Mans on the eve of the start of the legendary 24-hour marathon. Esports is rapidly gaining popularity around the world, and we find it important to take part in such competitions. Motorsport Network has a huge audience reach and access to a community that shares our love for racing. We look forward to the start of the competition and wish our SMP Racing Esports team a lot of success."
Stephen Hood, President Motorsport Games
"SMP Racing is a highly recognised partner in endurance racing and it's fantastic to welcome both their credibility and simultaneously provide them with an opportunity to compete in the LMES Super Final, promoting the growing Russian Esports community on a global scale."
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